Our 32 oz Bottle Return Program

After 6 months of a pilot program at participating groceries, Dragonfly Chai has discontinued it’s returnable 32 oz glass bottles. There will no longer be a deposit placed on our 32 oz bottles, and those bottles will not be returnable for a refund.

All previously paid deposits will be honored when bottles are returned to a participating retailer.

At Dragonfly Chai, we are always looking for ways to REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE.  However, while many of our fans appreciated our returnable 32 oz bottles, many also felt that the hassle-factor outweighed the benefits.

We’d like to thank participating grocery and retail partners for their efforts to re-use glass packaging with us!

Please feel free to comment by sending emails to info@dragonflychai.com.


The crew at Dragonfly Chai